What is My SuperLeaf SMM network?

My SuperLeaf SMM is a Social Media Marketing network that recruits promoters, brand ambassadors, affiliates, distributors, entrepreneurs, and investors to join a profit sharing platform with our parant corporation Superior Leaf inc. (manufacturer of SuperLeaf lettuce products).

How to get paid?

All membership plans include YOUR own My SuperLeaf website to sell products, receive commissions, and sign up members to your down line.

There are 3 ways to earn commissions up to 7 levels down. 

MySuperLeaf.com pays members commissions on all products sold, as well as commissions on all products sold by members they recruit, up to 7 levels down. Members are paid a 30% commission on all retail products sold from their My SuperLeaf website store. Members are paid a 5% commission for retail sales purchased from the website of any their recruits on the first level, and a 2.5% commission for retail sales made on the websites of their recruits on levels 2 - 7.

MySuperLeaf.com also pays commissions each time a sponsored recruit pays their monthly subscription. Members that directly sponsor recruits are paid a 15% commission for monthly membership fees paid by Promoters, Brand Ambassadors, and Affiliates. Members are paid 25% of monthly membership fees paid by Private Label and Trn-Key members. Monthly residuals are not applicable for Distributors or Master Distributor monthly payments. Members on level 1 recieive a 5% monthly residual from all monthly membership payments, while members on level 2 - 7 earn 2.5% residuals on all monthly payments made by members (not including Distributors and Master Distributors).

MySuperLeaf.com pays members a $10 sign up bonus for EACH promoter, ambassador, or affiliate you sign up! Members earn $75 sign up bonus for recruiting Distributors, $125 for recruiting Master Distributors, $200 for signing up a private label member, $600 for a Turn-Key member, and $1,000 for an investor. You must be at least at the affiliate level to qualify to receive a sign up bonus on members recruited by your downline. Please see our videos section for a breakdown of the sign-up bonus, and downline earnings. 

MySuperLeaf.com also pays a "Super Month" bonus to members that sells $500 in retail products in 30 days. Once a member reaches $500 in retail sales the bonus is automatically applied to the member's next payout. Promoters earn a $50 bonus, Brand Ambassadors earn $100, while Affiliates earn a $150 bonus. When the Super Month bonus is combined with the 30% retail commission, promoters earn a 40% commission for the first $500 of retail products sold in one month. Brand Ambassadors are paid a 50% commission, and affiliates receive a 60% commission.

MySuperLeaf.com pays members commissions on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Minimum Payout is $20

All payments are sent via PAYPAL